As part of the Toi Toi Education Programme at the Manoel Theatre, Lest We Forget uses flamenco dance and poetry to tell the story of our young soldier going to war.

The centennial of the Armistice of 1918 is upon us soon, and at Toi Toi we would like to commemorate this event with a performance of our own, named “Lest We Forget”. Spearheaded by Ian Moore andĀ Alegria Flamenco Malta, this production deals with war and conflict, and tells of a young soldier called to war and what he is forced to leave behind. With poetry written by war poets such as Kipling and Owen as well as contemporaries such asĀ Miriam Calleja, as well as Flamenco dance, Lest We Forget will ask of you: “What does conflict mean to you?”

Lest We Forget is only showing between the 9th and 11th November – matinee shows. Book your tickets here.

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