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Boom! A poem a day in January with Tupelo 30/30! You can’t say I don’t put my money where my mouth is 🤣 I’m taking part in a poetry challenge where I write one draft a day with Tupelo Press. That’s one brand new poem daily, published in its first draft infancy, with very limited editing.

You can read the first one here, along with the poems of my colleagues. And you can go back to the same link every day for a new batch of poems. The poems will be available for a limited amount of time and after that, we, as poets, will get to polish them for future publication.

I already suspect they won’t all be good, but I hope to find some great lines along the way!

How can you support me and be part of this venture?

The past year has been an exciting journey of self-discovery for me, with Tupelo Press playing a pivotal role. Despite the considerable hurdles posed by relocating to another continent, I’ve come away feeling enriched and inspired!

By completing this challenge, I’m looking to not only gain 30 original poetry drafts of my own but also show appreciation for Tupelo Press. Thanks to their inspiring guidance, sincere encouragement, and manuscript workshops, I made a breakthrough in publishing with my first book reviews. I also won awards within months of polishing off the poems!

So, what will I be writing about?

You’ll notice a recurring theme this time around. I think that planning and preparation are essential to achieve a challenging goal. Without some level of organizing, even with an achievable goal in sight, I’d probably have difficulty making progress towards it due to life’s other demands. And I’m all about hacks that make my life simpler.

Mapping out a schedule that works with the available resources can be essential, as even small steps can move in closer and closer to the desired outcome. This is not just limited to tangible methods like making calendars or lists; it may also include mental reframing of expectations. I’ll write about this in more detail in a focused post.

So don’t forget to check in here every day for new poems and please give generously. This will encourage me along the way. And yes, I’m taking suggestions – once you note the theme! 🙂

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