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Bespoke Online Creative Writing Workshops

If the will to write is there, but your schedule just doesn’t comply or you need to be at home to take care of others – this is the service for you.

In our first correspondence we will establish what your goals are, how much time you’re willing to dedicate to writing, and how you can introduce more writing into your life. Then we will design a schedule that suits you.

These are some examples of the info I will need from you when you write to me:

“I would like to write a short story a month and can dedicate 1 hour per week to it.”

“I would like to write 2 poems a week. I have enough time but no motivation. I need someone to chase me. I have no idea what to write about!”

Contact me and we’ll work something out for you!

Miriam Calleja

Author Miriam Calleja

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  • Edmond says:

    Hi Ms Calleja.
    I’m currently working fulltime in health care. However I want to stop and follow my passion in writing. Im looking for job in writing, either as a reporter in newspaper, magazines and/or social media. I have never worked in this field but I believe I have potential. My mum is also a writer. She is a Maltese language novelist. I guess I get inspired by her. I never wrote a blog before, but I am working on my first one. Its about my trip to The Philippines last year. My wife’s native country.



    • Miriam Calleja says:

      Hi Edmond,

      Wishing you luck in following your passion in writing! The transition from another job isn’t easy, but with some sacrifices and lots of support, it sure is possible. If there is anything you’d like to use my services for, please use the contact page and I will be happy to guide you.



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