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At the beginning of summer, I decided to re-vamp the poetry course I’d taught via Zoom in 2020. Here’s what some students had to say at the time:

Interesting course for writers of all levels. Stimulating exercises and valuable advice from a professional with a lot of passion for what she does. Recommended! – AU

Attended my first course today and was more than happy with the outcome! Thoroughly enjoyed and would recommend to anyone with an interest in writing! – GB

Would you like to start writing poetry too?


This course is suitable for those who prefer to learn and write in their own time. I’m experienced in this type of hybrid course because I’ve organised several similar ones in the past. The difference with this poetry course is that this is a 1-to-1 mentorship, and so you have my full attention. I comment on your work and send you extra material I think you might enjoy.

A comment on my online hybrid workshops:

I’ve participated in Miriam’s ‘write at your own pace’ workshops and I highly recommend them to anyone who’s looking for an extremely flexible workshop that allows you to write in your own time. Miriam is a great host, whose prompts are both educational and creative. They’re fun and they allow you to explore fascinating topics and write about them in unexpected ways. Miriam’s feedback is helpful and comprehensive, and her suggestions are spot on. I can’t recommend these workshops enough – especially for people who are on busy schedules and need the flexibility. – MH

This course will help you:

  • Understand what you enjoy about poetry and why
  • Learn to read poetry widely
  • Explore poetic forms and structures and introduce them to your reading and writing practice
  • Grasp literary devices and how to employ them for reader enjoyment
  • Assimilate exercises that tackle the blank page (how to write when you have no idea where to start)
  • Edit your work and critique other people’s work
  • Submit your poems to competitions and journals

This is a comprehensive course that runs over 6 lessons. You will have online access on the platform at any time that suits you. After completing each class there will be an assignment or task to write.

You’re given reading materials (including contemporary poetry, craft talks, and websites to help you with your work), and I follow you along the course by giving you feedback. We meet online (I live in the US on Central Time) twice so that you can ask questions after lesson 3 and edit your new poems at the end. The cost is €200, and you can finish the course in one month…. or take longer if you need.

If you run over into the next month, there will be a small fee of €20/month, so you can indeed choose your own pace without added stress. I often encounter people who would love to write but never find the right time to do so. The unfortunate truth is that life can get in the way. I’ve tried to design a course that can withstand some of these diversions, relatively short lessons that give you just enough information to understand what it takes to write poetry, read new work, and find your voice in writing.

Join me at any time to get started!

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