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Join me this April, National Poetry Month, for a writing challenge that will have you respond to a prompt a day for 30 days!

How does it work? I’ve created 30 prompts based on a different poem each day. If you join me this April, you will receive a poem a day combined with a prompt. You will have 24 hours to write your first draft… we aren’t looking for perfection here, just as long as you WRITE something. This year I’m opening up the challenge to all artists – so you can send in a photograph, drawing, story, poem… whatever you like.

When you’ve created your response, you’ll click REPLY ALL to send it in to the group. Everyone is encouraged to send kind feedback. The fun part is that you get to read everyone’s work. It’s so interesting to see different takes to the same prompt.

Remember that in order to edit you need to have written something… anything! I suggest setting aside around 10-15 minutes a day and turn it into a habit by setting aside a special writing area, a new notebook, or opening a new document on your laptop.

This is also great way to discover new poetry and join an international community.

Here’s a sample poem and prompt from my substack. If you cannot justify the cost of this class, please message me and we’ll work something out.

Some comments about my previous online challenges:

I’ve done a number of workshops and programmes led by Miriam. They were different, yet had some common themes: inspiring – and often “surprising” – prompts, removed blockages to help the writing flow and most of all, always made my love for writing grow. During my very first workshop, she also helped me discover – or name – the poet in me (and it wasn’t a poetry workshop!) – Manrico Bugeja

Thank you, Miriam, for such brilliant, deep prompts that are both intellectual and emotional and invite soul work. – Beth Stewart

Thank you so much for a great writing challenge this month. I greatly enjoyed the theme and looked forward to the new prompts each week. – Megan Wadsworth

Thank you, Miriam for this great experience, for your carefully chosen prompts and guidance. – Marija Miloradovic

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