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Since March 2020, the creative writing workshops have mostly been conducted online. Hopefully, there will be a time when we can once again meet face-to-face, but having online sessions and workshops via email is also great in terms of accessibility.

The Poetry Courses (Part 1 and Part 2) are intended for those who would like to focus on writing poetry and improving their creative output.

Part 1 is a ‘from the ground-up’ kind of course that encompasses structure and form, literary devices, facing the blank page, critique, performance, and submitting your pieces. This is suitable for all levels of writers – those interested in leveling up their poetry game of course. The course is carried out over 6 weeks with a weekly Zoom (online) two hour session and homework in between, and so it requires a certain focus and commitment for the time of the course.

This is what participants had to say:

I was very enthusiastic about Tuesday evenings as most of our poetry course’s sessions took place at this time. This course was one which definitely motivated me to write and pushed me out of my comfort zone as to also practice reading my work aloud / performing it. Miriam’s course was varied: prompts, learning about different poetry forms/structures, performing poetry, editing our work, and therefore, just gave the perfect dose of everything! I also enjoyed the idea that we had a forum for our group; ideas, work, poems were shared there, whilst Miriam, gently checked-in on us in-between sessions (which can really help give you that extra push!). I would definitely recommend such workshops to any poetry person!

Justine Buttigieg participated in Parts 1 and 2 of the poetry courses held in July / August / September 2020

The poetry writing course was amazing! Each session was well-structured, insightful and enjoyable, while being accompanied by practical follow-up exercises to consolidate the skills gained. Miriam is a great mentor as she gave me concrete and consistent feedback on how I can improve each step of the way through. It was also very interesting to meet other poets who are as equally keen on poetry as myself and who face the same problems and challenges – it truly feels like a literary family. Top 10/10 experience! Definitely recommended.

Andrew Debono Cauchi participated in Parts 1 and 2 of the poetry courses held in July / August / September 2020

Part 2 (preferably after attending Part 1) is for the more advanced writer of poetry. This is held over 2 weeks where you receive a detailed prompt every few days. The prompts are delivered over email with instructions, so you can write at any time you like. These are followed by a chance to submit a few pieces for critique.

Both courses are ongoing and generally start every other month (the next one starts in November). To participate or ask questions contact your workshop host Miriam on miriamcallejawrites (at)

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