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Miriam is a workshop leader for 2 projects which will result in two dance shows created for the parkour event.

Orfeo & Majnun (O&M) is an inclusive, intercultural, and multilingual music theatre project developed with a participatory community-driven approach. Interdisciplinary by nature, (O&M) involves multiple art forms, and refers to current social, cultural, and urban challenges. It involves communities, professional and citizen artists, and groups at risk of social exclusion.

Between March-October 2018 Miriam has been working with two elderly communities in the Żejtun and Bormla Care Homes. Through workshops that use storytelling, crafting, and simple exercises for the residents, she is collaborating with two choreographers to create vignettes of poetry/text and dance. These will be shown during the parkour – a journey through Valletta to experience a number of citizen-driven performances, films, and other creations.

You can watch these performances during ‘Sfilata fil-kapitali’ on Saturday 27th October 2018.


The Bormla elderly community with their Carer Ruby, and contemporary dance choreographer Brandon Shaw from Cleave dance-theatre.


The Żejtun elderly community with their carer Claire, and flamenco dancer/choreographer Caroline Caruana.

This event is being held in 7 European Capitals of Culture under the artistic direction of Airan Berg and Martina Winkel.

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