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This is a simple no BS course to get you writing more poetry.

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I don’t believe in waiting for inspiration. There, I said it.

We all have to start somewhere. There are those who like to write a poem every now and then… when the muse turns up, whatever that means. What if that only happens every now and then? What if you want to be able to create great lines more often? You have to learn the poetry craft just like you would anything else.

I hear you protest – sure, some people are naturally better at poetry than others. I can barely draw a circle to save my life while others have been making great drawings since they could hold a pencil.

On creativity

Many people believe that creativity is something that you’re either born with or not – that some people are naturally creative and others are not. However, there’s more to creativity than simply being born with a “creative gene.”

In fact, creativity is a skill that can be learned and developed. One of the key differences between people who are naturally creative and those who are not is how they approach what sets their souls on fire. Those who are naturally creative tend to wait for the muse to strike, while those who do not tend to take a more proactive approach.

Are you still waiting for the muse?

Waiting for the muse is often seen as the more romantic option – after all, what could be more inspiring than suddenly being struck by a great idea? However, it’s also a very unreliable way to approach your passion. You might wait for weeks, months, or even years for the muse to strike, and she might never show up.

If you take a more proactive approach and learn how to take control of what you love doing, you’ll never have to worry about the muse abandoning you. You’ll always have ideas to work on, and you’ll be able to turn your creativity into something tangible. So which approach is better? It depends on you, what you want, and whether you’re willing to work a little to make your writing better.

Poetry course for beginners

I’m excited to offer a brand new poetry course for beginners. This is a 1-to-1 hybrid course because I appreciate that everyone is starting in a different place. I want you to get what you need out of the time we spend together. You will be able to access the lessons for 1 month, where you can focus on what you need and like most.

The course looks at literary devices, reading/appreciating poetry, facing the blank page, preparing your poetry by editing, and submitting your poetry to journals and competitions. No waiting around for the must. This is a simple no BS course to get you writing more poetry.

I am taking 3 students at the moment. Email me at miriam.calleja (@) to ask questions and start connecting with poetry.

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