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Why I attend writing workshops

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Finding time to write can be tough. On top of that, most of us find it difficult to have the capacity and mental bandwidth to be creative on top of all our other duties. In workshops, some of this creative energy is shared out. Your host has done their homework and prepared prompts for you. They have created an atmosphere ripe for communal writing.

The benefits of attending writing workshops are wide-ranging and can include everything from improving your craft to becoming a better storyteller. One reason why I love going to these types of events is that they help me work on those areas that need more attention in order for my poems or stories to have the best chance of being accepted by publishers! 

It’s also worth noting how much easier it becomes when you’re surrounded by like-minded people who understand what challenges one might face as an author trying new things out – whether it’s melody lines versus dialogue; or free form poetry over structured sonnets, and so on.

I’m always excited to write outside my comfort zone. It’s a great way for me not only to grow as a writer but also to experience new things and learn from others who may be better than me at certain skills!

My inner critic is silenced by focusing on the task at hand. The voice of self-doubt becomes quiet, allowing me to focus solely on what’s being asked for during workshop exercises where there are time constraints in place. I love to write in a state of suspense, never knowing what’s coming next. It keeps me on my toes and often brings out the best in me as an author!

At these workshops, we’re all in agreement that this work is only a first draft. There’s no judging going on; instead, the goal for the day walks us through some exercises in which we can learn from each other and generate new work.

When I attend workshops, it’s not just about the content; it is an opportunity for self-care. 

I have found that taking time out of my busy schedule to spend with other like-minded people who share similar interests can be very therapeutic and rejuvenating!

Attending workshops means I have no excuse but to write. Now that’s what you call a good motivator! 

And so keeping all these reasons in mind, when you sign up for my courses or workshops, I’ll make sure that by the end of it all you walk away with a few first drafts. I’ll set up the room, and make you comfortable. You might even walk away with a few new ideas to work on later!

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