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Online Critique Service

Send me one piece of prose writing (up to 2500 words at a time) or a few poems (up to 400 words total excluding titles) to receive feedback within maximum 2 weeks.*

What will I get?

Suggestions from a reader’s and from a writer’s point of view on how to improve the way you’re getting the message across.
Small tweaks to improve your piece’s readability.

Critique on character development, plot, and pace in the case of short stories.

Techniques and skills to be able to revise your other work.
Where relevant, suggestions for further reading that will help you improve and hone into your unique style.

This service does not mean that I will:

  • Rewrite or revise for you, except in the case of providing an example of how to revise on your own.
  • Correct grammar, mechanics and spelling. This requires a professional copyeditor or proofreader. However, I will point out any patterns of surface-level error that may pose a significant problem for you.
  • Check and correct for style (e.g., Chicago Manual of Style or AP style). This requires a copyeditor or proofreader.
  • Provide any fact-checking.
  • Provide answers or advice on legal issues

Please send the manuscript in Times New Roman, Arial or Calibri 12-point size with double spacing in word or google doc format.

How much does it cost?

Short Story (up to 2500 words)

Online: €35

Flash Fiction Story (1 or several, up to 500 words)

Online: €20

Poem (1 or several, up to 400 words)

Online: €20

How do I pay?

Payment is made through BOV Mobile, Revolut, or PayPal. Payment is made in advance and on submission of a manuscript.

To maintain the utmost discretion, your piece/s will be deleted from my computer one month after it is sent to you. Your piece will NEVER be shared. For this reason, please make sure to save a copy of the version with suggestions and always, always…


*In the case of busier periods, you will be notified as soon as possible whether you will need to wait longer than 2 weeks to receive your feedback.

Please use the contact form to ask any questions.

"I have found these workshops empowering as well as a great learning platform. Miriam is an excellent facilitator who will help you get your creative juices flowing."

"Thank you for a lovely workshop! Intelligence, attention, poeticism, creativity - all there. Sweet original approach!"

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