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Overall I found it challenging, which is exactly what it should be. If you’re not pushed there’s no point. It was good to explore the world around us with honed senses, searching for something we usually wouldn’t. The fact it’s outside and one has to walk is good from an activity point of view. 

– Alexander Tadj-Saadat

Introducing Walking Workshops!

Meeting behind a screen has been convenient, and I am so grateful that we could continue writing together during the past few months/years. But getting out of the house can also be very inspiring and most of us feel energised and motivated by moving more.

So here’s how it will work…

  • Pick whether to walk alone or with other writers
  • We will choose a time that works for both/all of us
  • Tell me something about the environment you’ll be walking in
  • Prepare a hardback notebook or paper on clipboard, something to write with, and a fully charged smartphone
  • Spend an hour walking and writing, receiving prompts (text/images/voice messages) from me live over WhatsApp/Messenger

You can be anywhere in the world as long as we can find a time that is compatible.

Contact me for pricing and more info. Discounts are available for group bookings.
This service can also be given as a gift.

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