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This month I’ve taken on the (masochistic?) task of writing a poem a day during the Tupelo 30/30 writing challenge. Along with some other fine poets and their first drafts, my work will be published every day for 30 days here. Please check the link every day during January for new poems.

I’m loving it so far! And highly recommend it to any poet wanting to build up a body of work fast (in first draft mode). Just be warned that it takes a lot out of you, obviously. Here is a sample from the work I’ve written so far:

Tupelo Press is an independent publishing press that has been fostering the literary arts since 1999. It is important for writers and poets worldwide as it is devoted to discovering and publishing works of poetry, literary fiction, and creative nonfiction by emerging and established writers. Through these challenges conducted by several poets every month, they fundraise in order to keep this accessible press going. Please donate to my fundraiser here.

Image by Jane Burn

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  • Joseph says:

    Hi Miriam

    Certainly a poem a day is a true challenge! Good to try your hand at taking up the task.

    I like the 3rd poem best so far. Reading other poets, I find the long poems not always pleasant (that’s me!) – maybe they’re still in draft form.

    Well, best wishes!


    • Miriam Calleja says:

      Thank you for reading Joseph 🙂
      Yes, they are most probably mostly first drafts. I know that writing at this speed you don’t have too much time to think and revise. I find it is a great exercise to get a bunch of writing out. You then have a lot to do later, with editing in bulk. I’m enjoying it!
      Re longer poetry, I find that I will only get through long poems if I really like them, whereas a short poem I’d read till the end regardless. I sometimes force myself to slow down and then I am able to enjoy most poems. Obviously, it is a matter of taste. Hope you will keep following 🙂 thanks.

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